Christian James Osemua A Nigeria Talented singer popularly known as

Solocvibez, (from Edo )is a front leading up coming artist and performing Artist, who started his music carrier and discovered the talents at a Very Young Age, due to lack of sponsorship and support this Young Artist needed to work smart by himself to get to the top and his mom being his backbone.
He hails from Nigeria and has been given his fans music and many of his freestyle audio videos and many more as best he gives and currently trending one of his latest hit titled Stop Nonsense which makes him popular and famous at the year 2024 currently this song is one of the most best amazing hit song from solocvibez that you you always love

Solocvibez has been working hard in the music industry and has. Been giving his best to the fans and to the industry worldwide

Solocvibez , is a well-known and extremely talented Nigerian musician and composer, has delighted his fans with a brand-new, breathtaking song called “ Stop Nonsense

We are always in awe of this gifted musician as he release new, seductive tunes that ought to be on everyone’s playlist.

This new tune required a great deal of effort and time to produce.
Please download and enjoy the song as much as you can to show your support! We really appreciate your patience, and we hope the music is enjoyable!

The distinctive melody of this song will stay in your brain for long. You should listen to this song several times.