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There are often questions we ask ourselves growing up: Where do you see yourself in a few years? Where would you like to live and work? What will that work look like? Most likely, very few answered with mundane, static responses, instead hoping to “live the dream in a far away beach town” or “explore the cities of the world one country at a time!”

view of eiffel tower between buildings
Have you ever dreamed of calling an international city home?
In fact, in a new world with remote work becoming increasingly the norm, many are harkening back to these questions and reexamining their current situation. Why can’t I be living and working in a seaside town or glittery metropolis? There’s a new type of traveler in town and they mean business: the remote worker.

Oh where, oh where in the world will you go this year or next? The best countries to work in the world in 2024 may surprise you—and inspire you!

Is it easy for Americans to get work visas abroad?

First things first: Travel (short and long term) still requires paperwork. So let’s talk about visas! For holders of an American passport, acquiring a work visa can be quite easy, or quite difficult, depending on the the following factors:

The relationship between the US and the country issuing the visa;
Covid-19 cases in the US and throughout the world;
The economic benefit to the country issuing the visa;
Your personal travel history, work you intend to pursue, and other general information
Countries with job opportunities for foreigners often have an easier visa process, with support available. The best countries to work in the world will have flexible visa regulations and an expat community you could potentially be a part of. Having a network of support overseas, whether expat or local, can be a game changer when it comes to having a fulfilling experience.


10 best countries for expats to work

Where to work abroad depends on your interests, skills, background, and goals for your future. Here are 10 of the best countries in the world to live and work to guide you on your journey!

1. South Korea

person looking at their phone on a train with seoul skyline in the background
If you want to work abroad as an English teacher, don’t skip South Korea.
Why? Teaching abroad can be one of the most rewarding work abroad experiences. South Korea is one of the best countries in the world to live and work because of its burgeoning economy, diverse population, compelling culture, and openness to foreigners.
Plus, native English speakers are often paid very well and provided affordable (or free!) accommodation to teach English in South Korean schools. Working abroad in South Korea isn’t all about work though; spend free time sampling local cuisine, learning the language, and exploring Seoul!
Recommended program: CIEE: Teach English in South Korea + Rent-Free Housing
2. France

Why? France is an excellent country to work abroad due to its high standard of living, beautiful cities and landscapes, and large expat community. The French highly value their language, and you’re sure to pick it up given they’ll expect you to learn it!
With a au pair or tutoring job, your language skills will improve exponentially. While it may be a bit difficult to secure a work visa, the effort is well worth it to score a job in one of Europe’s most influential countries.
Recommended program: Mômji: Part-time Nannying and Tutoring Jobs in France
3. Japan

Why? Many find work in Japan as English teachers, but did you know there’s also a demand for ski and snowboard instructors? If you’re a big fan of the outdoors, consider traveling to work at some of the biggest ski resorts in the world.
With large mountain ranges and frequent snowfall, Japan is a haven for both veteran skiers and those with an interest in learning. There are also courses you can take prior to becoming an instructor. Other jobs include caring for the elderly and agricultural work.

4. Canada

person overlooking banff national park at sunset
In Canada, the great outdoors can be your office.
Why? For US citizens in particular, the neighbor in the north may be the most attractive option for work abroad. With visas relatively easy to obtain by US passport holders, and sponsorships sometimes attainable through Canadian employers, it’s a great option for many. Jobs in tourism and hospitality are the most popular and available, but there are also opportunities in the education, technology, and healthcare industries as well.

5. New Zealand

Why? Find work in childcare as an au pair, learn about agriculture with an internship, or live an active lifestyle with a job in adventure tourism; New Zealand truly offers it all. Not to mention, this island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean is hands down one of the most beautiful places to live and work in the world!
Consisting of the North and South Islands, New Zealand offers diversity in both population and landscape. The country has also recently made headlines with its progressive health policies and stance on international issues like climate change.

6. Germany

Why? Germany should not be overlooked when you’re deciding where to live and work abroad! You have a great chance of gaining employment as the economy is strong and unemployment is low. Germans are known to have a great work-life balance, meaning you’ll have time to explore local sights, take part in festivals and events, and spend time expanding your international network.
The country requires insurance for all, is predominantly welcoming to foreigners and immigrants, and has opportunities ranging from data science to camp counseling. That’s why Germany is one of the best countries to work abroad!

7. Cambodia

traveler visiting angkor wat in siem reap cambodia
Southeast Asia is full of beauty and adventure!
Why? Most likely, if you’ve been looking for work abroad, you’ve seen that teaching English is one of the best gigs available if you’re not ready to commit to learning a language or getting a new degree. This is especially true in Cambodia, where you can easily live and travel on a teacher’s salary.
By teaching, you’ll be making a positive difference in the lives of your students, and be traveling in a more sustainable way. This is a great option for those looking to work abroad as soon as possible!

8. Singapore

Why? Singapore is an island city-state in Southeast Asia, located below the Malaysian Peninsula. It’s a hub of activity, where travelers and locals meet in busy markets and city streets. Expats have long extolled what a perfect place Singapore is to live and work. It’s considered one of the cleanest and safest places in Asia; a mecca for those seeking jobs abroad in a culturally diverse and interesting place.

9. United Kingdom

Why? If you’re between the ages of 18 and 30, you may qualify for a working holiday visa in the UK. Even if you need to apply for a different type of work visa, the past two years have taken their toll on businesses in the United Kingdom, and jobs there are a-plenty!
Some opportunities even provide accommodation and support prior to arrival. If you’re interested in moving to a location where you already know the lingo, this may be a great option for you. You’ll also have access to transportation around the country and Europe!

10. Ecuador

person wearing a red poncho feeding a llama a blade of grass
No doubt you’ll make some cool new friends here!
Why? Ecuador is one of the best countries for expats to work. You’ll find that most work in the tourism or education sector, but there are opportunities with multinational companies as well. The country flaunts an ideal climate, lively community celebrations and traditions, unrivaled natural wonders, and a low cost of living. Additionally, you’re sure to be surrounded by other expats willing to help a fellow adventurer.
The best places to work abroad are waiting!

Reach your full potential by working and traveling abroad. When browsing countries with job opportunities for foreigners, think about what you’re hoping to gain from the experience, and why it will be so rewarding.

You’ll be diving into new cultures, learning new languages, meeting new people, and seeing extraordinary sights, all while continuing to bring home a paycheck.

Get out from behind those four walls and a desk, and see if you can make those childhood answers to “where do you want to go when you grow up” ring true!


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