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How to Make Free Video and Audio Calls on X (Twitter)

X now lets all users make calls for free, but its service is still far behind competitors like WhatsApp.

X, formerly Twitter, has just opened up its video and audio calling feature to users on all tiers – allowing everyone with an X account to call other users for absolutely free.

The extended capability, which aims to turn X into a multi-purpose communication app, places it in direct competition with platforms like Meta and Instagram. However, since X’s service lacks features like group calling and emoji reactions, it definitely shouldn’t be used to replace established VoIP services like WhatsApp and RingCentral.

If you’re curious about X’s communications feature, read on to find out how to make calls on the platform, and to learn about its features and limitations.

X Opens Up Audio and Video Calling Feature to Regular Users

While X hasn’t drummed up much positive publicity since Elon Musk acquired the platform in 2022, the social network has just added another string to its bow by making video and calling accessible to all users.

The feature, which was previously only available to Premium users since it was first launched last year, aims to make X into a multi-pronged communication tool. It lets users make calls on iPhones, Androids, Mac computers, and PCs and doesn’t require a phone number for them to get started.

How does X’s calling feature work?

By default, X users are only able to send and receive calls to users they follow or have in their address book. Users will also need to have sent at least one DM to each other for the function to work.

However, users can easily adjust their settings to enable calls from a wider pool of users. To do so, users simply have to open up their Messages settings on the app, before selecting if they want to grant access to people in their address book, people they follow, or verified users.

How to Make Audio and Video Calls on X in Five Simple Steps

Making a call using X is very straightforward. All you have to do is follow the steps below:

Launch the X app on your chosen device
Go to the DM section
Select “Audio Call” or “Video Call” depending on your intent
The recipient will receive a notification that you are trying to call them
Your conversation will now begin
How to Disable X’s Video and Audio Features

Granted, not everyone will want to make or receive calls on the platform. So if you’re happy just using the app to connect with others and browse poorly verified news articles, here’s how to opt out of the feature.

Launch the X app on your chosen device
Select your profile picture
Select Settings and support
Select Settings and privacy
Select Privacy and safety
Select Direct messages
Turn off the slider that says “Enable audio and video calling”
This will remove the calling symbol from your DMs, and prevent fellow X users from reaching out to you via video or audio call.

How Do X’s Calling Features Stand Up to the Competition?

X’s audio and video call function was designed to give users another option to communicate without having to switch to other platforms like FaceTime and WhatsApp, and represents a new direction the company is taking to turn X into an “effective global address book.”

However, as far as internet phone services go, X’s calling features are pretty bare bones. They let users make video and audio calls using the internet, and give them options to put the call on speakerphone or mute, but that’s about it.

The calling function is reminiscent of those found on other social media apps like Meta, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Except unlike with many alternatives, X users aren’t able to carry out group calls or use augmented reality filters and backgrounds. X’s service also lacks advanced tools offered by WhatsApp, including in-call emoji reactions, banner notifications, and colorful waveforms.

Due to the simplicity of the calling features, they’re best suited towards X loyalists who are looking for a straightforward way to talk to fellow users without using a mobile number. People making regular calls with people outside of the platform and those requiring more advanced functions will be better off using WhatsApp or FaceTime instead.

If you’re making calls for business, our research found that RingCentral was the best VoIP softphone overall due to its excellent collaboration features and external integrations, while Zoom is the best value for money. There are lots of different quality calling apps available – including many free options – that don’t subject you to X’s technical glitches and limitations. So, whether you’re searching for a new way to make personal or business calls, see how they weigh up in our comparison table below.


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