Play-to-earn (P2E) games give players the chance to earn tokens through in-game achievements. Learn how to make money playing crypto games.

Crypto projects in gaming are different because they provide the chance to potentially earn money through various advantages like having complete control over your assets, clear conditions, and safeguards against cyber attacks. This has attracted the attention of traders and an increasing number of regular people who are starting to take an interest in crypto video games, especially when there’s an opportunity to earn.

Pros and cons of cryptocurrency games

Similar to any other form of digital entertainment, non-fungible token (NFT) leisure comes with its own advantages and drawbacks. Some of the positives include:

Decentralization. Smart contracts in crypto-based games contribute to decentralization, giving players more control and generating greater interest.
Transparency. Utilizing smart contracts reduces the risk of fraud.
Variety. There’s a diverse range of genres available in the crypto gaming industry, including arcades, racing, strategy, etc., catering to diverse preferences.
Earning opportunities. Players can convert in-game assets into fiat or cryptocurrency, enabling them to earn money even without initial investments.

However, there are also some downsides to consider:
No guaranteed profits. Cryptocurrencies are known for their high volatility, offering the potential for significant gains but also the risk of substantial losses. It’s crucial to evaluate risks before investing.
Difficulty in cashing out. Due to varying liquidity, some digital currencies might not be supported by popular exchanges, potentially leading to withdrawal complications.
For traders new to blockchain games, navigating the vast array of choices can be overwhelming. Below, we provide a detailed analysis of the top six crypto games to make money. These NFT games are compatible with both phones and computers.

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Most popular games to earn crypto

Meme Kombat

The Meme Kombat platform emerged in September as a notable addition to the market, drawing attention due to its integrated features. Its popularity stems from the unique ability for users to engage in thrilling virtual battles while also earning cryptocurrency. Notably, the platform’s presale has been impressive, garnering investments exceeding $63,000 in a relatively short time since its launch.

The crypto gaming platform operates through two main mechanisms: staking and betting. Through staking, users can deposit their cryptocurrency holdings and earn interest, even during the asset’s presale phase, providing a means to generate long-term income. In the betting aspect, users can place bets on the outcomes of virtual battles against others or the computer.

This project boasts transparent tokenomics, with all 12 million coins issued made available to regular investors. Fifty percent of the assets are allocated to presale, 30% are earned as rewards for staking and betting, and the remaining 20% is evenly divided between decentralized exchanges and community rewards.

Every project begins with an idea—a striking image, video, or an impactful event. Inspired by the WallStreetBets group’s challenge to hedge fund Melvin Capital in 2021, which led to increased GameStop shares, Wall Street Memes conceived the WSM token.
WSM’s meme coin aims to offer a different perspective on the market, stemming from that significant event.

Transparency and honesty during presales are the company’s main focus. The project’s tokenomics supports this ethos. All 2 billion coins issued by WSM are available for purchase. Half of these tokens are presently accessible during the presale, while the remaining assets will be allocated for listings (20%) and rewarding participants (30%).

Additionally, Wall Street Memes organized an Airdrop where five individuals among the participants stand a chance to receive $50,000 worth of meme coins.

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Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a decentralized universe that simulates economic interactions and rivalries among players. The core concept involves sharing specialized knowledge with Earth’s inhabitants.

This knowledge allows players to explore diverse planets and engage in mineral mining. The gameplay revolves around competing for Trillium (TLM) required to govern independent planetary organizations known as planets DAOs. Players also unlock additional game features.

Within the Alien Worlds platform, players can acquire NFTs for mining TLM, participating in battles, and accomplishing in-game missions. Users can strategize by buying, holding, or spending NFT objects based on their chosen approach.

The game universe comprises distinct planets, each governed by its decentralized organization. Planetary plots and individualized NFTs possess unique characteristics like cryptocurrency amounts and mining speeds. Players can utilize these plots in various ways, while in-game tokens are instrumental in acquiring game items and completing tasks.

Axie Infinity

Currently, the Axie Infinity project boasts one of the largest fan bases and is the most played game. Interestingly, the majority of its fans are located in Asian countries.

The objective of the game is to breed NFT animals called Axie. Each Axie possesses its unique genetic code, making them unique. Interestingly, when bred, certain traits—both positive and negative—are inherited by their offspring. These resulting creatures can be directly traded on the in-game market. The more distinct the features an Axie holds, the rarer and more valuable it is considered.



To begin playing, players need to purchase a minimum of three Axies. These creatures are used for breeding, player-versus-player battles, completing in-game tasks, and embarking on adventures. Impressively, this option is part of the NFT games available for Android users.

Players manage a virtual farm as their “home base,” where they can breed and upgrade their Axies. By enhancing the combat capabilities of their pets, players can breed more impressive offspring, increasing their value for potential sale.

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Gods Unchained

The main objective involves collecting cards, which players can obtain by winning battles or purchasing them from other players.

In tournaments, players aim to diminish their opponent’s life points to zero for victory. Winning battles earns experience points, which contribute to leveling up. Progressing to higher levels rewards players with new cards to add to their collection. These individual cards can be traded within the game’s internal marketplace, where GODS, the game’s native tokens, are used for transactions. The competition’s ultimate goal is to secure as many victories as possible and gather the entire collection of cards.

Let’s compare this project to traditional card games. NFTs serve as a safeguard against changes that developers might make, commonly known as nerfs. Utilizing the Ethereum blockchain prevents the devaluation of card parameters.

Upon registration, new players receive access to the starter deck, granting them the chance to engage in tournaments right away. It’s important to note that each player is provided with a different set. As players gain experience, they can also acquire virtual collectible items.

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Sorare is a football-themed gaming project built on the Ethereum blockchain. Players create unique teams and collectible cards that can be traded among users. All transactions are recorded on the blockchain. In-game rewards are earned based on progress, victories, and completing quests.

With over 600,000 registered users, Sorare stands out as one of the most popular NFT games.

Earning rewards isn’t solely based on scoring goals; the game also encourages referrals. Players receive extra rewards not just for bringing in new users but also for their active participation.


Newcomers receive a set of cards, but these cards are notably weaker. Relying solely on these cards for significant game progress is nearly impossible. Consequently, the game subtly encourages users to invest in more powerful cards.


It’s crucial not only to focus on earning money but also to enjoy the gameplay itself. Games that offer monetary opportunities present various tasks and quests. Completing these tasks may help increase profits.

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What is a play-to-earn game?
Are crypto games legal?
Can I earn crypto by playing games?
What is the best NFT game?

What is a play-to-earn game?
Play-to-earn is a gaming concept in which players are rewarded as they play and progress in the game. Game rewards can be exchanged for in-game stores or real cryptocurrency exchanges.

Are crypto games legal?
Yes. There are numerous crypto games available online that offer opportunities to win or earn money. When selecting a crypto game, it’s important to check the legitimacy and reputation of the provider to ensure the game is trustworthy.
Can I earn crypto by playing games?
Yes, but the amount can vary, and the process might not necessarily result in substantial earnings. In blockchain-based crypto games, users can earn rewards by engaging with the game. These rewards, often tokens, are obtained by completing tasks and spending time in the game.
What is the best NFT game?
Defining the best NFT game is subjective, as preferences differ among players. Axie Infinity is one of the most popular NFT games, boasting millions of active players. This play-to-earn game allows players to earn AXS tokens while playing, which can then be utilized in the platform’s governance.


blockchain game
top blockchain game stories

Far Cry dev Ubisoft taps Immutable for blockchain games


With Immutable, Ubisoft wants to build a new gaming experience to “further unlock the potential of web3.”

French game developer, Ubisoft, best known for its titles “Assassin’s Creed” and “Far Cry,” has signed a partnership agreement with a blockchain company Immutable to develop new products, leveraging web3 technology.

In a blog post on Nov. 9, Immutable said it will help the Paris-headquartered gaming company develop a “new gaming experience” that will unlock the “potential of web3.”

Although no details were given, Immutable CEO and co-founder James Ferguson said in a statement to news outlets that with the collaboration, gamers will get “digital ownership,” suggesting Ubisoft did not abandon its plans for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) even though the company had faced backlash from customers before.

With the partnership, Ubisoft wants to bring that “level of fluidness within a full-fledged game, so players only have to focus on the fun of the experience,” said Nicolas Pouard, Vice-President of Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab and Head of its Blockchain Initiative.

Following the announcement, Immutable’s native token IMX briefly jumped by 3% up to $0.92, as per CoinGecko.

Ubisoft and blockchain

For Ubisoft, blockchain is a well-trodden path, as the studio has been experimenting with the technology for a few years now.

In early 2022, the HBAR Foundation inked a strategic partnership deal with Ubisoft to support the development, growth, and launch of next-generation gaming in the Hedera ecosystem. However, since then, Ubisoft has not made any significant product on a blockchain that would interest gamers and non-gamers alike.

Taiwan detains key JPEX executives amidst fraud investigation


The Taipei District Prosecutors Office has detained two individuals connected to the crypto exchange JPEX in relation to an investigation into potential fraud.

According to local reports, Chang Tung-Ying, the lead partner at the Taiwan branch of the embattled crypto exchange, and Shi Yu, an academic linked to JPEX, have been arrested on accusations of infringing upon banking and anti-money laundering legislation.

Prosecutors have instructed the local justice investigation bureau to conduct investigations at nine sites, leading to the questioning of four individuals. A suspect with the last name Liu was granted bail for NT$50,000 (equivalent to $1,550), while another, named Niu, was released following their interrogation.

The probe into JPEX’s activities began after reports emerged in June of the exchange promoting cryptocurrency products and seeking investments.

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The investigation also draws in Nine Chen, a prominent Taiwanese singer who once represented JPEX as a regional brand ambassador. If his involvement is deemed substantial, he may be summoned as a defendant in a lawsuit.

The JPEX scandal is estimated to involve sums exceeding $213 million.

The extent of JPEX’s operations within Taiwan is yet to be fully determined, but the repercussions are becoming evident. Over ten individuals have already initiated legal action, claiming to have suffered losses due to the exchange’s practices.

Taiwanese regulations, enforced by the Financial Supervisory Commission since July 2021, mandate that virtual asset service providers adhere to anti-money laundering legislation. JPEX has not registered with the FSC to meet these AML requirements.

Hong Kong crackdown on JPEX operations

The situation for JPEX has been precarious beyond Taiwan’s borders as well. In September, Hong Kong authorities dismantled the exchange’s local operations, resulting in the arrest of at least 11 people connected to the alleged fraudulent activities.

The financial watchdog and police in Hong Kong also took measures to restrict access to JPEX’s mobile application and website.

“Since September 13, 2023, the SFC has suddenly made a series of accusations against our platform’s operating model and promotional methods, which we vehemently resent as they were made without investigation or review,” JPEX said at that time.

SEC sees Binance’s arguments for lawsuit dismissal as absurd

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) said that Binance’s attempts to dismiss the lawsuit against it are invalid.

The regulator called the company’s arguments “absurd.” In its response, the Commission also reiterated that most crypto assets are securities under the Howey test. According to the department, “comparing tokens and, for example, oranges [as a product] is absurd.”

“Binance’s Chief Compliance Officer crudely but succinctly summed up this case when he admitted that Binance was ‘operating as a fking unlicensed securities exchange in the USA bro.’ He was right.”
SEC filing
Binance previously stated that the regulator was violating the Fundamental Issues Doctrine. This is the principle of interpretation of regulations in administrative matters. It introduces strict limits for executive authorities in the interpretation of certain laws.

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The conflict between the SEC and Binance escalated in June when the regulator filed a lawsuit against the crypto exchange Binance and Zhao. According to the SEC, they violated securities regulations and engaged in “an extensive web of deception, conflicts of interest, failure to disclose information and willful evasion of the law.” The Commission accuses the defendants of violating US securities regulations on 13 counts.

The exchange, its CEO Changpeng Zhao, and the US subsidiary of Binance.US filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit at the end of September 2023. It states that the Commission exceeded its authority and misinterpreted federal law.


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Traders focusing on Ethereum, Everlodge, and Polygon to enhance copy strategies


Copy Trading is becoming more popular as investors and traders seek ways to increase their profits. Recently, traders who are being copied have been focusing on Ethereum (ETH), Polygon (MATIC), and Everlodge (ELDG). However, which cryptocurrencies will see the biggest growth in Q4 2023 is unclear.


In this article, we’ll examine the performance of these three cryptos to understand why they’re being selected and to identify which one has the most growth potential.


Ethereum to reach $2,335.71 by the end of 2023
Polygon to see a price increase to $0.87 by the end of Q4
Everlodge to spike 47x based on current projections
Ethereum to reach $2,300 by the end of Q4 2023?

Ethereum has been trending higher, making it an attractive choice for investors aiming to maximize their profits.

Specifically, ETH’s trading volume surged by 7%, indicating a growing interest among investors. Moreover, ETH prices rose from $1,785.51 to $1,912.62.

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Over the last 30 days, ETH added 15.6%. As such, analysts are optimistic about its future potential.

According to current Ethereum price predictions, the coin can reach $2,335.71 by the end of 2023.

Polygon can retest $0.87 in Q4 2023

Polygon continues to grow. As such, more investors and traders are exploring the coin.

Over the past month, MATIC added 25.8%. In the last week, it ranged between $0.62 and $0.74.

Looking at market data, Polygon has a market cap of $6.5 billion and is the 14th most valuable coin.

Analysts predict MATIC to reach $0.87 by the end of 2023.

Everlodge can offer passive income opportunities for investor’s 

Everlodge, alongside Ethereum and Polygon, can present investment opportunities. The project plans to launch a novel web3 marketplace, offering access to luxury real estate investments.

The platform leverages blockchain technology to convert real estate, minting them into non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

These NFTs are directly linked to tangible real estate properties. They can be fragmented into smaller shares with a minimum investment threshold of $100

What distinguishes these NFTs and makes them attractive to investors is their inherent flexibility. They can be easily traded on the platform or any other site that supports ERC-20 tokens.

Furthermore, investors stand to benefit from passive income streams. For example, in the case of rental properties, investors receive income commensurate with their ownership stake whenever the property generates rental income.

Additionally, investors can generate income through staking ELDG, Everlodge’s native token.

In stage 6 of the presale, ELDG is available for $0.023, but traders expect more growth on launch.


Check out :Bitcoin’s whale-sized moves hint at $37k ascent

Bitcoin (BTC) is observing noticeable spikes in whale transactions worth at least $100,000. Its supply on exchanges witnesses a gradual uptick amid the fight to reclaim $37,000.

These spikes in large transactions started earlier this month, data from Santiment confirms. Notably, whale transactions rapidly increased from Nov. 5, eventually crossing the 5,000 mark three days later. As of Nov. 8, Bitcoin recorded up to 7,992 transactions worth $100,000 and above.

This value represents the highest figure since late October. Despite a slight drop in these spikes, whale transactions have remained fairly high, with an intraday figure of 4,669 at the time of reporting.

Interestingly, the recent spikes in whale transactions coincide with a gradual uptick in the supply of Bitcoin on exchanges. Santiment data suggests that investors have continually moved their BTC tokens to exchanges amid the ongoing bull market.


This pattern began on Nov. 6 after supply on exchanges saw relative stability for days. Amid the gradual increase, Bitcoin‘s supply on exchanges surged to 1.11 million BTC yesterday. This figure has increased to 1.12 million BTC today, representing 5.7% of Bitcoin’s total supply.

Market watchers often regard an increase in supply on exchanges as a bearish trend, as most investors take their assets to exchanges for sell-off purposes. This trend is supported by the Bitcoin aSOPR metric, which has surged since Nov. 5, indicating that more investors are selling at a profit.

Bitcoin aims for $37,000

The recent trend has become dominant amid sustained discussions surrounding the approval of a spot BTC ETF in the U.S. Notably, ETF analysts suggest that the U.S. SEC’s window to start approving the slew of ETF applications on its table could open today.

Bitcoin has continued to ride on the ensuing bullish sentiment, up 4% over the past 24 hours. The bulls and bears are currently in a face-off as BTC battles to reclaim the much-coveted $37,000 territory.

The asset surged to another yearly high of $36,863 but faced resistance at the price point, bringing it to the support level of $36,500. Bitcoin is now attempting another move to $37,000, trading for $36,666 at the time of reporting, with a $24 billion 24-hour trading volume.











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