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Top 10 best European countries for remote work in 2024


The rise of remote work has completely changed how professionals approach their employment worldwide. People looking for flexibility, autonomy, and a better work-life balance are finding that remote work is a viable alternative as technology advances and connectivity becomes more smooth.

Many people find that working remotely is appealing even outside of their nation of origin. European nations provide a wide range of chances for remote workers to prosper, from stunning scenery and lively cultural scenes to dynamic startup cultures and cutting-edge internet infrastructure.

Cyber safety, economic safety, digital and physical infrastructure, and social safety are among the areas that NordLayer’s Global Remote Work Index (GRWI) uses to score the top European nations for remote work. In the sections that follow, we look into what makes the top European nations for remote work so alluring.

Denmark, with a GRWI score of 0.847, is determined to be the greatest distant working nation in Europe. Denmark ranked in the top 20 for Cyber Safety and Economic Safety, and in the top 10 for Social Safety and Digital & Physical Infrastructure.

Remote workers find Denmark’s robust internet infrastructure to be very appealing. It is widely available, offers fast internet speeds for mobile and fixed broadband, and makes it simple for remote workers to access from anywhere.

Denmark is another country that has a flexible work culture that emphasizes striking a good work-life balance. This reflects the allure of working remotely, which prioritizes adaptability and the capacity to fit work into one’s life rather than the other way around.

Denmark has a number of laws that facilitate remote employment. Although it currently lacks a dedicated visa for digital nomads, it does have long-stay visas that are perfect for remote professionals who wish to fully immerse themselves in Danish culture.

According to rankings of the top European countries for remote work, the Netherlands comes in second. It is ranked in the top 20 for Cyber Safety and Economic Safety, and in the top 10 for Social Safety and Digital & Physical Infrastructure, with a GRWI score of 0.843.

Similar to Denmark, the Netherlands prioritizes a healthy work-life balance and has a flexible work schedule. Employees can now work remotely from many firms, which gives them more flexibility over their working hours and location. As a result, co-working spaces are widely available in the Netherlands, providing friendly settings for remote workers to network, collaborate, and be productive.

Additionally, the Netherlands values diversity and individual liberties highly, as evidenced by its rating of second in Social Safety. Its well-developed infrastructure and cosmopolitan lifestyle make it a desirable place for distant workers.


Germany, with a GRWI score of 0.842, ranks third among European nations for remote work. Germany ranked in the top 25 for digital and physical infrastructure, the top 15 for social safety, and the top 10 for economic and cyber safety.

With one of Europe’s biggest and most stable economies, Germany offers remote workers a rewarding environment. For those working in the tech sector, Berlin in particular is a hub for startups and innovative companies, making it an ideal option.

Although Germany does not offer a visa specifically for digital nomads, it does have one for independent contractors, which includes freelancers and remote workers. This makes living, working, and experiencing the culture of Germany as fully as possible for individuals who wish to work remotely much easier.


The fourth-best country in Europe for remote workers is Spain. It is in the top 10 for economic safety and the top 20 for cyber safety, digital and physical infrastructure, and social safety, with a GRWI score of 0.825.
With a relaxed lifestyle, a moderate climate, and a wealth of outdoor activities, Spain provides remote workers with an excellent standard of living. Spain has a rich cultural history, and remote workers can take advantage of the many opportunities to visit historical locations and take in the stunning landscape. Additionally, compared to some of the other nations on the list, Spain has a cheaper cost of living, so remote workers will frequently find that their money goes farther there than it would elsewhere in Europe.

For a maximum of five years, non-EU nationals can reside and work remotely in Spain thanks to a special digital nomad visa that Spain gives. Even though the application process can be challenging, if accepted, it’s the ideal opportunity for remote workers to work remotely and experience Spanish culture.

The sixth-best country in Europe to work remotely is Portugal. With a GRWI score of 0.824, it is ranked among the top 25 for digital and physical infrastructure, the top 20 for cyber safety, and the top 10 for social and economic safety.

Portugal provides remote workers with a great quality of life and a low cost of living, similar to Spain. This workplace has a generally relaxed vibe, which is mirrored in the liberal attitude toward working hours and remote work. Portugal offers a wealth of outdoor sports and a plethora of sights and activities thanks to its beautiful scenery and pleasant temperature.
A special digital nomad visa is available in Portugal for those who work remotely. It provides applicants with the opportunity to live and work in Portugal for a maximum of five years, allowing plenty of time for cultural immersion.


Sweden ranks fifth in Europe for remote workers, with a GRWI score of 0.824. It ranks in the top 10 for Economic Safety, the top 15 for Social Safety, and the top 25 for Cyber Safety. Sweden prioritizes work-life balance, with flexible working being considered the norm and employee wellbeing being a top priority. Prior to the pandemic, many jobs offered remote working as an option. The country also boasts a robust welfare system with excellent public healthcare, reasonably priced childcare, and generous parental leave, all of which can attract remote workers.

Particularly in larger towns like Stockholm, many individuals find that accommodations in Sweden are modest. As an alternative to trying to work from a tiny space at home, there are plenty of co-working locations that allow people to work remotely from a dedicated, focused atmosphere.


With a GRWI value of 0.818, Estonia ranks seventh among European nations for remote work. The nation placed second overall and particularly well in the category of cyber safety. It also placed in the top 20 for social safety, the top 30 for digital and physical infrastructure, and the top 40 for economic safety.

Startups and entrepreneurship are highly valued in Estonian culture. Tallinn’s tech sector in particular fosters a culture of innovation and startups, which makes it an ideal place for remote tech professionals.

Along with its great quality of life and stunning scenery, Estonia boasts a rich cultural legacy and a comparatively inexpensive cost of living. Additionally, Estonia benefits from a government that led the way in the development of digital services, making it simple to access public services like healthcare and tax filing online.

Lithuania, with a GRWI score of 0.808, ranks seventh in Europe for remote work. Lithuania placed third in the category of Cyber Safety, in the top 30 for Social Safety, in the top 45 for Digital and Physical Infrastructure, and in the top 30 for Cyber Safety.

With widespread coverage and fast internet, Lithuania has one of the best infrastructures of all the Baltic states. Due to their encouraging company policies and burgeoning startup cultures, cities like Vilnius and Kaunas are especially well-liked by remote workers. One VPN provider in Lithuania that leads the way in digital security, Nord Security, offers Startup Lithuania members free cybersecurity training and tools.


The ninth-best country in Europe for remote work is Ireland. With a GRWI score of 0.803, it is ranked in the top 30 for digital and physical infrastructure and in the top 20 for cyber, economic, and social safety.

With a robust economy and a reputation as a worldwide center for business, Ireland offers remote workers a wealth of professional and networking opportunities. The beautiful countryside and vibrant culture of the nation provide a high standard of living. With the exception of some of the more isolated, rural places, people can access both broadband and mobile internet at fast, dependable speeds.

There are more than 240 digital co-working hubs spread all around Ireland, demonstrating the country’s burgeoning startup scene. This offers remote workers the ideal setting for concentrating on their task and collaborating with other distant workers.


In Europe, Slovakia ranks tenth best for working remotely. With a GRWI score of 0.802, it ranks first in terms of cyber safety overall, among the top 30 for social and economic safety, and in the top 45 for digital and physical infrastructure.

Slovakia is very focused on cybersecurity, and it has implemented measures to strengthen its cyber resilience and infrastructure. Because there will be safeguards in place to protect individuals and their work, remote workers may find it appealing. Furthermore, Slovakia provides a high standard of living along with a diverse and rich cultural history.

Although Slovakia does not issue a specific visa for digital nomads, it does allow persons to temporarily remain there for business purposes, including independent contractors and remote workers. This permits people to reside and work in Slovakia for a maximum of three years.


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