Unleash Your Artistic Expression: 5 Majors for Creative People

Finding it difficult to choose a major for your university degree? You’re not alone. Choosing a major can indeed be a challenging decision, and it’s completely normal to feel uncertain about your career interests. However, if you are someone who possesses creativity as your core strength, then this choice becomes an opportunity rather than an obstacle. Many universities around the world offer a wide range of majors that cater to creative individuals, providing avenues for creative exploration and growth.

Whether it’s studying fine arts, fashion design, music composition, or literature, pursuing a major in an area that aligns with one’s creativity can lead to fulfilling and rewarding career paths. Additionally, many creative majors offer opportunities to develop skills in critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and problem-solving – all of which are highly valued in today’s job market.

Let’s take a look at some of the creative fields of study at universities worldwide. These areas of study can be chosen as majors as part of a broader concentration (e.g. Fine Arts), if you want to focus on building the skills and knowledge in these particular areas. However, you may also be able to choose them as the focus of your degree for more flexibility and options.

But first, here are our top tips for deciding which major to choose.

How to Choose a Major

To help you navigate through this decision-making process, there are a few things you can consider:

Firstly, reflect on your interests and passions – what subjects or activities do you find yourself naturally drawn to?
Think about the skills that come easily to you or those you’d like to develop further.
Indentify your strengths and weaknesses for a direction towards majors that align with your aptitudes.
Research different majors thoroughly. Look into the course offerings, curriculum structure, and career prospects associated with various fields of study. This will help you better understand what each major entails and whether it aligns with your long-term goals.
Talk to professionals working in fields that interest you.
Seek guidance from our team of academic advisors for valuable insights into potential career paths for you. Book a free call here.
1. Animation
The Master’s in Experimental Animation (MFA) program at the California Institute of the Arts, USA
This could be the perfect major if you love creating visual effects and 3D art for various media, such as films, games, and advertisements. Animation involves using software and techniques to bring your imagination to life. It requires a creative mind, a keen eye for detail, and software expertise.

Studying animation abroad can expose you to different styles, techniques, and cultures of animation. This provides you with a competitive edge in the global market, especially in multinational companies. Animation majors offer you the chance to learn from the best in the industry, work on exciting projects, and showcase your talent to a wider audience.

Example Courses

3D Animation
Story Development
Visual Development
Sound Design
Motion Graphics
Career Prospects

3D Modeler
Graphic Designer
Storyboard Artist
Video Artist
Top Universities to Study Animation

Gobelins Paris: offers a variety of programs, such as character animation, 3D animation, and interactive design.
Sheridon College: offers a four-year bachelor of animation program that covers both traditional and digital animation.
Bournemouth University: offers a three-year bachelor of arts in animation program
2. Game Design
The Bachelor’s in Games Design at the University of Northampton, UK, is a 3-year program that will teach you how to design and build games for multiple platforms.
If you’re a passionate gamer and like the idea of creating your own games, why not pursue a major in Game Design? This field of study involves creating and developing games for various media, such as video games, board games, and mobile games. It requires a combination of creativity, technical skills, and knowledge of game theory and mechanics.

Universities may offer Game Design as a concentration within a broader field, such as computer science, digital media, or art. You can earn a degree in game design at different levels, such as associate, bachelor, or master. The focus of your major can vary depending on your program’s broader field. For example, if you study towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts in game design, you may be more focused on interactive media or storyline development. On the other hand, you may be focused more on technical aspects, such as programming and algorithims, with a Bachelor of Science or Computer Science program.

Example Courses

Gameplay Scripting
Interactive Design
Virtual World Building
Sound Design
Computer Graphics Programming
Career Prospects

Some possible job positions for someone who majors in game design at university are:

Game Designer
Game Artist
Game Developer
Game Programmer
Game Tester
Game Writer
Game Producer
Game Audio Engineer
Game Animator
Game UI/UX Designer
The average annual salary of a game designer in the US is $81,2021, and the job outlook is expected to grow by 5 percent from 2021 to 2031.

Top Universities for Game Design

Some of the best game design schools abroad are:

DigiPen Institute of Technology: offers a range of programs, such as game design, game programming, and game art.
University of Southern California: offers a four-year bachelor of arts in interactive media and games program
Abertay University: offers a four-year bachelor of science in game design and production management program
3. Graphic Design

Study Graphic Design at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), USA
If you enjoy creating visual communication and design solutions for various purposes, such as branding, marketing, and publishing, then consider choosing a major in graphic design. Graphic design involves using typography, images, colors, and layouts to convey a message or an idea. It can help you develop your artistic talent, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

Studying graphic design abroad can help you develop a diverse and versatile portfolio, by gaining exposure to different design trends and cultures. Universities often offer this major as part of a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) or Bachelor of Arts (BA) program.

Example Courses:
Introduction to Graphic Design
Color theory
Digital communication
Design thinking
Web design
Career Prospects:
Graphic designer
Web designer
Art director
Brand designer
Top Universities for Graphic Design:
Rhode Island School of Design: offers a four-year bachelor of fine arts in graphic design program
Royal College of Art: offers a two-year master of arts in visual communication program,
Parsons School of Design offers a four-year bachelor of fine arts in communication design program
4. Creative Writing

The University of East Anglia in Norwich, UK offers Bachelors and Masters programs in various specializations of Creative Writing.
If you have a passion for writing and want to express yourself through various forms of literature, such as poems, stories, essays, and scripts, then Creative Writing could be the ideal major for you. It involves using language, style, and structure to craft engaging and meaningful texts. It is often chosen by students who have a love for language, a flair for storytelling, and a critical and analytical mind.

By pursuing this major when you study abroad, you can improve your writing skills, explore different genres and forms of writing, discover new sources of inspiration, learn from acclaimed writers, and publish your work to a wider audience. A creative writing major is usually offered as a bachelor of arts degree, but it can also be part of a master of fine arts or a doctorate program.

Example Courses
Fiction Writing
Poetry Writing
Creative Nonfiction Writing
Literary Theory and Criticism
Editing and Publishing
Writing for the Web and Social Media
Career Prospects
Some possible job positions for someone who majors in Creative Writing at university are:

Content Creator
Public Relations Specialist
The average annual salary of a writer in the US is $63,200, and the job outlook is expected to grow by 8 percent from 2021 to 2031.

Top Universities for Creative Writing
University of Iowa
University of Oxford
University of East Anglia
Programs with Creative Writing Majors

Bachelor’s in English Major, BA – Creative Writing Concentration – The University of Tennessee, Knoxville (USA)
Bachelor’s in English Literature with Creative Writing – The University of Manchester (UK)
Master in Fine Arts major in Creative Writing – De La Salle University, Manila (Philippines)
Master’s in Arts (Writing and Literature) – Deakin University

5. Fashion Design
The Bachelor’s in Fashion Design at ArtEZ Institute for the Arts (Arnhem, Netherlands) is one of the best fashion courses in Europe.
This is a perfect major if you have a strong interest in fashion, and if you’ve always wanted to create your own clothing and accessories. Fashion Design involves designing products and systems that are useful, user-friendly, and attractive. It requires a flair for fashion, a sense of style, and a knowledge of fabrics, patterns, and sewing.

As well as learning topics such as fashion drawing and marketing, you will also learn to create your own design using various tools and software, such as pattern-making software and digital design software.

Example Courses

Fashion Drawing
Fashion History
Fashion Marketing
Fashion Production
Fashion Styling
Fashion Technology
Fashion Trends
Career Prospects

Fashion Designer
Fashion Illustrator
Fashion Merchandiser
Fashion Stylist
Fashion Buyer
Fashion Editor
Fashion Consultant
The average annual salary of a fashion designer in the US is $75,810, and the job outlook is expected to decline by 4 percent from 2021 to 2031.

Top Universities for Fashion Design

Parsons School of Design
London College of Fashion
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Remember that choosing a major doesn’t necessarily mean committing yourself for life. Many individuals switch careers or pursue additional education later on. So don’t put too much pressure on finding the perfect fit right away – instead focus on finding something that genuinely excites and motivates you at this stage in life.


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