What I’m Doing Isn’t Healthy”: Chris Bumstead Makes Startling Confession About Bodybuilding

Chris Bumstead, the renowned five-time Mr. Olympia classic physique champion, recently made a candid confession about the toll bodybuilding takes on his health. From injury, days before the shows, to dealing with other health issues. In a revealing discussion on the Lewis Howes podcast, Bumstead openly admitted that his intense training regimen is not conducive to long-term health.

During their conversation, the host asked about his approach to health in bodybuilding, especially considering the health challenges faced by past champions, Bumstead didn’t mince words. He expressed his fear of suffering health issues later in life due to his dedication to the sport. “If you’re a bodybuilder and you don’t have that fear, then you’re just ignorant,” he remarked.

Acknowledging the reality of his situation, Bumstead admitted, “I know what I’m doing isn’t healthy for my body.” Despite his passion for bodybuilding and his pursuit of excellence in the sport, he recognizes that it’s taking a toll on his well-being. He emphasized that bodybuilding is not making him healthier and that he’s aware of the steps he needs to take to mitigate the risks.
Bumstead’s perspective on longevity in the sport is clear. He has set a personal limit, stating that he would never continue bodybuilding past the age of 30. “I’m successful young, and I end young, then I’m at least better off than pushing past because obviously, the younger we are, the better our bodies recover and heal. I also just had the goal of winning the Olympia. That was my only goal,” revealed CBum. In one of his throwback interviews, he even revealed why his future goals wouldn’t be to win more Mr. Olympia titles.

Winning 10 or more Olympias was not Chris Bumstead’s dream

Despite retirement rumors in September 2023, he confidently pursued his fifth Sandow trophy. Additionally, in an interview with Vincent Oshana on Valuetainment, the 29-year-old shared his future goals. “I would love to keep going because I know I could keep getting better and do this for 10 Olympias or so. It’s not my dream” he revealed. He also confessed uncertainty about his longevity in the sport.
Following a health scare in 2017, Bumstead reevaluated his approach to bodybuilding. He emphasized that the scare, unrelated to bodybuilding, prompted him to prioritize his health. As he approaches the end of his career, he believes in starting and ending young, understanding that younger bodies have better recovery abilities. His ultimate goal has always been to win the Olympias, and he is committed to achieving that goal without compromising his long-term health.

His recent confession, however, stirs the buzz within the bodybuilding community, as he hinted he might retire after 2024 Olympia. What do you think of his perspective on retiring young? Do you believe retiring young would help him heal from the injuries and the toll bodybuilding has taken on his physique?


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