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What Is a No-Interview Job, and How Can You Get One?

Great news! An interview isn’t a pre-requisite for every job. Here are some no-interview roles to apply for today.

Whether you lack the time or resources required to sit through multiple stages of interviews, or you don’t want to deal with stress or performance anxiety, interviews remain a sticking point for many eligible job-seekers.

Yet, while most jobs do include a formal interview process, a growing number of companies are deciding to skip in-person or virtual discussions altogether – providing a lifeline to candidates who would rather have their skills tested through alternative means.

If you want to get working right away, in a job that plays to your strengths, we list some common positions that don’t involve an interview process. Whether you’re after a full-time role or a lucrative side hustle, read on to discover some top no-interview jobs to apply to in 2024.

What is a No-Interview Job?

As the term suggests, a no-interview job is a job that doesn’t require candidates to take in-person or remote interviews. Instead, no-interview jobs typically involve skills-based assessments to evaluate job seekers’ eligibility for a role.

The style of vetting lends itself well to independent workers. For this reason, a lot of no-interview jobs will be remote or independent contractor jobs – making them ideal for workers after a flexible work schedule. While it’s possible to earn big without sitting through interviews, lots of no-interview roles will have a low barrier to entry too, which caters well to individuals in the early stages of their careers, career switchers, and workers who want to earn extra money on the side.
Common No Interview Jobs to Apply For in 2024

An interview isn’t a prerequisite to every great job. Here’s a list of professions that are easier to secure without interviewing:

1. Online tutoring

Previous experience needed? No
Earning potential: ~ $10-60 per hour
If you’re a student or have a depth of knowledge in a particular field, online tutoring can be a flexible way to supplement your main source of income. Tutoring companies connect quality tutors with students worldwide, which enables eligible workers to get earing anywhere a stable internet connection. Since lots of online tutoring openings hire students, most openings don’t require tons of previous tutoring experience too.

Many online tutoring companies will require you to interview. However, websites like Studypool and Camply bypass the process and require candidates to fill out an online application, take a short test, and submit a video application instead.

2. Writing and proofreading

Previous experience needed? Yes
Earning potential: ~ $12-50 per hour
If you’re a skilled writer, becoming a freelance writer of proof-reader could be a great way to start earning without taking an interview. Lots of content platforms like Study.com accept submissions from writers without putting them through a formal application process. Hiring agents will likely ask for a portfolio of your written work to assess your eligibility for the role though, so its important to have this on hand before applying.

If you prefer to review articles, lots of content platforms hire proof-readers without subjecting them to an interview too. While proofreading experience is often preferred for these roles, a decent writing portfolio will often be enough to help you get your foot in the door.

3. Transcribing

Previous experience needed? No
Earning potential: ~ $10-$22 per hour
If you don’t have lots of work experience or are looking for a super flexible way to make money, transcribing could be a great fit for you. Transcribing jobs involve workers converting audio or video recordings into written form. Due to the independent nature of the job, it’s uncommon for transcribing companies to conduct interviews. Transcribing jobs tend to be remote and beginner-friendly too, making them accessible to a wide pool of candidates.

The low-skilled nature of the job means that it doesn’t have as much earning potential as some other roles on this list. However, if you’re interested in applying for a transcribing job, we’d recommend companies like Rev and Transcribe me as they both have a test-based application process and offer rates that are above the industry standard.

4. Virtual assistant

Previous experience needed? No
Earning potential: ~ $20-30 per hour
Virtual assistants are independent contractors who provide administrative support to clients. In contrast to regular personal assistant jobs, virtual assistants conduct all of their tasks online and work remotely 100% of the time. The career path can be a great option for people with high levels of tech literacy, that enjoy flexible working arrangements and being their own boss.

There’s no shortage of platforms that connect candidates to clients that need assistance. Most of the time, these roles don’t require tons of experience, and look for relevant skills like research, organization, and time-keeping instead.

5. Data entry

Previous experience needed? No
Earning potential: $15-$40 per hour
Data entry is another profession that doesn’t require lots of previous experience. The job involves inputting information into computers and data processing programs and requires candidates to have a strong attention to detail. However, whether you’re looking for a part-time or full-time position, it’s fairly easy to land a job in data entry, especially if you apply to an entry-level role. If you want to have a stab at data entry, we’d recommend platforms like Sigtrack and CALSTART as they both post regular openings and don’t require candidates to take a formal interview.

6. Customer support

Previous experience needed? No
Earning potential: $15-$22 per hour
If you’re personable and have good social skills, a job in customer support could fit you well. A wide range of industries – from ecommerce to telecommunications – depend heavily on remote customer service workers, and it’s typically quite easy to land a job in the field without an interview, especially if you’re willing to take an entry-level position.

If responding to queries over the phone isn’t your thing, lots of companies employ workers to communicate with customers via email and chatbots too. Because of their virtual nature, most customer support jobs are remote-friendly. So if you aren’t willing to commute into a physical office, this could be a great option for you.

Secure Your Dream Role, No Matter the Recruitment Process

The lure of no-interview jobs is hardly a mystery. With 93% of us having experienced interview anxiety, being vetted in real-time can be sweat-inducing even for seasoned job seekers. Sitting through interviews can be expensive too. Data compiled by Moneypenny found that the average in-person job interview costs US job seekers $72.29 due to losses incurred from missed wages, and expenses like transport and lunch.

This being said, while many recruiters are warming to alternative hiring processes, the majority of companies still prefer to assess a candidate’s competency face-to-face. So, if your dream job requires you to be interviewed, or if none of the jobs on this list spoke to you, preparing for an interview may be inevitable.

If you’ve settled on this course of action, remain rest assured. An arsenal of tips and tricks is available to help calm your nerves and make you feel as prepared as possible. What’s more, lots of interviewers rely on similar questions. So, if you read our guide to common interview questions and answers you’ll be much more sure of what to expect on the day.


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