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KUMASI, GHANA – Kumasi’s very own, Homeless Gang, a dynamic team of talented artists comprising Kwesi Black, Chivolane ft. Qwaku Tymer, have released their first breakthrough track titled ‘Obaa Abena’. This fusion of Afro-beats and lively rhythms is rapidly gaining traction on TikTok and other major streaming platforms.

In a music industry that is saturated with similar sounds, Homeless Gang has managed to carve a unique niche for themselves. The trio’s innovative sound is a testament to their roots in Kumasi, Ghana’s cultural capital. ‘Obaa Abena’ is a vibrant, upbeat track that encapsulates their musical journey and aspirations.

This track is more than just an introduction to Homeless Gang. It’s a statement – a declaration of their intent to disrupt the music scene with their dynamic, unique sound. ‘Obaa Abena’ also showcases the talents of Homeless Gang’s members, who have all contributed to the song’s writing, production, and performance.

About Homeless Gang

Homeless Gang, a group of three artists from Kumasi, Ghana, is a rising force in the African music scene. Established in 2023, the group comprises Kwesi Black, Chivolane, and Limit. Each artist brings a unique sound to the table, combining their talents to create a distinctive blend of Afro-beats, hip hop, and traditional Ghanaian music.

Kwesi Black, the rhythm and soul of the group, provides the melodious tunes that define the group’s sound. Chivolane, the lyricist, pens the heartfelt words that resonate with their listeners. Limit, the beat master, lays down the infectious rhythms that get audiences moving.

Their debut track, ‘Obaa Abena’, is a testament to their unique sound and their dedication to their craft. The track has been making waves on TikTok and other streaming platforms, earning the group a growing fan base both in Ghana and beyond.

For more information about Homeless Gang and their music, please visit their official website or follow them on their social media platforms.

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